Monday, September 9, 2013

A Major Mystery

Some moments can last a lifetime, and for the otherwise sordid life of Nick Major, this moment would last forever.
Nick wanted to be sober the evening his dog Cello became ill, something he wasn't accustomed to, as he drank continually. He wanted to be fully conscious throughout and spend as much time with him as possible. Little did he know what this night would bring.  When Cello started going into seizures, he went unconscious and Nick attempted a mouth to mouth resuscitation to revive him. Nick's hardest efforts failed, and the 15 year old Italian Greyhound named 'Uccello Della Strade' (The Roadrunner) lost his battle for life.

Nick lay on the bed holding the dog in his arms, sobbing and cursing himself, in the depths of shame and despair at his failure to save him. 'I'm so sorry Cello',  he cried out to no one-or so he thought. 
Suddenly Nick sensed a presence in the middle of the bed; someone was standing there! He felt this presence put his hand strongly on Nick's right shoulder. As he turned around he saw a man; with short cropped hair, dressed in a red canvas tunic, a leather belt, and well worn sandals.

This figure of a man could easily have been a linebacker, and though he wasn't wearing the trappings of a soldier, Nick, by sheer osmosis, knew him to be a Centurian from the days of the Roman Empire!
He was a large and stocky fellow, a protector. Finally, Nick came to the realization that this entity was indeed a guardian angel.
Nick was bombarded with this imagery faster than his mind could process, yet time also seemed to stand still. Earthly rules no longer applied, as this moment was like no other in Nick's life. This moment was divine.
Being spoken to in a very firm, but loving way. He merely said, "It's all right" -volumes were said in those three words. With that soothing phrase, Nick was released from the bondage of the ordinary world.
He was completely relieved of all regret, sadness, and loss over Cello  He now knew the little guy he loved so much was going to be alright, and he was being taken to a place that was very safe, but where he was going was not revealed to him.
He could only guess. He had vaguely heard of the Rainbow Bridge, where animals go to wait for their masters after death. Could it be there that Cello was being taken? No answer came. The angel dissolved into the ether, and with him went the vision of Cello. So ended Nick's peak supernatural experience.
21 years had passed since that strange and wonderful morning when he made his first connection with the spirit world, and it's still very fresh in Nick's mind. Every so often when he is busy with an everyday task, he will again feel the hand on his shoulder; just a reminder that this being is certainly still hovering closely nearby.
A major question has always lingered. Who's angel was he,  Nick's or Cello's; could animals have angels' of their own, or was the messenger connected to Nick in some spiritual way? Only questions remained.
The answer eludes him even now.
He supposed he would find out someday-when the time was right.